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The public square dedicated to private markets has finally moved into its online home, and we welcome you to look around.

Alternatives Watch is a news platform dedicated to covering the widening range of alternative investments from private equity to hedge funds to opportunistic real estate and even direct lending.

Our news captures the growing interest institutional investors have in the space as the search for absolute returns moves from traditional private equity and hedge fund strategies to include funds, partnerships and direct investments in growing array of start-up companies, biotechnology innovation and even niche private lending and real estate markets.

We aim to cover investor allocations, searches, new fund offerings, fund performance, general manager news and service provider developments with an eye on how it all comes together to meet the needs of endowments, pension funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, foundations and RIAs around the world.

Take a tour of our website and feel free to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription.

Better yet, if you have commentary you wish to share related to private markets and alternatives adoption in the institutional marketplace let us know and we may just share it with the world.

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Susan Barreto

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