Cryptocurrency firm with a cause expanding for the social good

Social currency platform ReddCoin has rebranded as simply Redd, and in keeping with the spirit of the UN’s International Day of Charity it is promoting its aim of fostering community and social good through crypto.

Formed in 2014, ReddCoin served as the social tipping digital currency. Now the Redd crypto ecosystem is seeking to help reimagine daily life during this time of global uncertainty.

As easy as clicking the ‘like’ button on a social media platform, Redd’s goals are to include allowing people within its community to support social movements, global causes and individuals such as independent content creators. The platform relies on ReddCoin as a decentralized digital social currency that allows for seamless payments across borders and networks.

Entirely volunteer supported and based in New Mexico, Redd provides a mechanism to transfer of value from any one point on the planet to another with ease and mostly without fees. Officials said that the platform allows for commerce anywhere and with anyone with the opportunity to save and produce sustainable wealth.

In Phase II of the rebrand, Redd will launch its long-awaited ReddID product, which will not only serve as a username but also as a social wallet. This will allow anyone to directly receive ReddCoin (RDD) over a variety of social media networks with one simple user ID under their control. As a result, Redd will empower content creators, social causes, and humanitarian programs to do what they love and get rewarded for their efforts without restriction or intermediary.

“In short, Redd is a global movement to help and support people in need,” said Jay Laurence, Redd project leader. “Redd upholds the idea that every single person on earth deserves kindness, compassion, generosity, and appreciation, and Redd is meant for anyone who wants to be a part of that.”

Efforts are also underway to partner across the cryptosphere with projects like the OpenAntumID Consortium and ChangeAngel in order to streamline social donations, expand usability and help charities convert that support into fiat dollars.

“This rebrand is a public acknowledgement of the fact that ReddCoin, now Redd, has always been reflective of this sort of anti-corporate, peer-to-peer-enabling set of ethics. The transition to Redd highlights that the same approach applies to all parts of our lives, not just the technical aspect,” added Laurence.

Alongside its expansion of community outreach and tech features, the Redd project is looking to expand its roster of its ReddHeads team. Whether it be developing the tech, getting the word out via social media, or other forms of outreach, Redd is looking to build on its diverse team. With a variety of perspectives on board, Redd can reach that many more voices, cultures and people, furthering its mission of social currency.

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