LNG infrastructure in play despite ESG-fueled objections

ESG investors, who have been exercising considerable influence within the markets for liquefied natural gas (LNG), may just have acquired additional leverage to that end with two World Bank reports.

On April 15, the bank issued two reports, making two sides of the same argument: first, that ammonia and hydrogen provide great opportunities as zero-carbon bunker fuels in the maritime shipping world; second, that LNG has no important role to play in the transition. They did allow that it may play a “niche” role for small ships, but in general the second report discourages the Bank . . .

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Christopher Faille

Christopher Faille has written on a variety of legal, regulatory, and financial issues for decades. He is the author of "The Decline and Fall of the Supreme Court" (1995), for example, and the coauthor, with David O'Connor, of "Basic Economic Principles" (2000). He was an early reporter with Lipper HedgeWorld and has contributed to Forbes and to the Hedge Fund Law Report.

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