Alternatives Watch Investor Compendium 2021 now available

Who were the world’s largest institutional investors that placed some $103 billion across more than 600 investment mandates last year? The details are summarized in the inaugural Alternatives Watch Investor Compendium sponsored exclusively by financial technology provider Vidrio.

We uncovered an institutional investor-dominated world that continues to build out its foothold in the private markets space and 2020, despite the pandemic, was a hallmark year despite fundraising and due diligence challenges in a virtual world.

Thanks to a dramatic rise in the U.S. stock market valuation and volatility, investors continued to rebalance into alternative strategies as a hedge to future economic and market uncertainty.

In our report, we detail not only what activity took place in 2020, but we offer updated profiles of the top 10 investors in the alts landscape and which funds and managers they placed capital with last year. We also offer portfolio snapshots for each as well as additional details on their investment plans for 2021.

We also eye four main strategies — private equity, hedge funds, private debt and real estate. Which managers saw the most institutional capital, what strategies are the most popular and which investors are the most active in each are all detailed in this unique 20-page report.

The AW Investor Compendium is exclusive to Vidrio clients and AW annual subscribers. Click below to download, or go here to subscribe for instant access.

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