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Alternatives Watch (AW) makes it easy for you to keep your entire team in the know of the latest developments in the fast-moving world of alternative investment -- or to offer access to news and data as a value-add to your clients.

Unlock all the benefits of AW membership for your team members or clients with subscription plans ranging from 10 to 1,000 seats. We provide a dashboard that makes it easy for you to add users to your account by email invitation (or by uploading a list) and maintain complete control over access.


⇒ Instantly unlock all daily news and archived articles

⇒ Daily, weekly and monthly e-mail newsletters

⇒ Monthly Manager and Investor Scorecards

⇒ Access to the AW Annual Investor Compendium — our extensive guide to investor activity, with a ranking of the most active investors for the year and profiles of the top global allocators.


10 Seats

$ 1,065 Per Year

100 Seats

$ 4,550 Per Year

25 Seats

$ 2,200 Per Year

2,500 Seats

$ 12,500 Per Year

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