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What’s Your Strategy?

Some business publishers push you get multiple subscriptions, each one covering a different alternative investment strategy.

The Alternatives Watch (AW) news service doesn’t play this game. We give you a wide view of the alternative investment industry, with coverage of five key asset classes and their investors.

Hedge Funds

Private Equity

Private Credit

Real Estate/

Managed Futures

Unique Content

Our team of experienced reporters also brings you exclusive feature stories, interviews with leading industry voices, and big-picture looks at emerging trends such as ESG, fintech, SPACs and crypto funds.

Midwest Holding deconstructs insurance to create an asset class

Lincoln, Nebraska-based Midwest Holding doesn’t look like a traditional annuity provider. Sure, its contracts are competitive with the…

NFTs: Reshaping art as an alternative asset class

In the beginning, the buzz surrounding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the art world had art collector and investor…

Texas ERS Portfolio Manager offers candid advice for emerging manager HFs

In the interest of seeking a broader opportunity set, perhaps less diluted return streams and to propel nascent…

Actionable Data

Our exclusive Monthly Scorecards track data on manager and investor activity, displayed on easy to read tables.

AW Manager Scorecard: Leading alts firms raise billions

Investors seemingly can’t get enough of private capital investment strategies as alternative investment managers raised over $34 billion…

AW Investor Scorecard: Investors commit to PE giants, further diversify credit holdings

Institutional allocators of various sizes have been busy building out their private equity and credit programs, allocating to…

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